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My Review of Pontiac G8

Originally submitted at Autoweek.com Vehicles

Pontiac brings rear-wheel-drive muscle to its portfolio in 2008, again courtesy of Holden.. AutoWeek is always quick to tell you what we think about cars like the Pontiac G8. Drop in and tell us what you think about this Pontiac product. AutoWeek is the only weekly magazine for car enthusiasts. Aut…

Pontiac G8

Meet the Future of the American Sedan

By Cappy from Orange County, CA on 4/19/2008
5out of 5

Auto Interior: Spacious Cabin, Comfortable Seating, Attractive Look

Pros: Great Sound System, Attractive Styling, Large Storage Capacity, Handles Well, Adequate Power

Best Uses: Commuting, Long Trips, Performance Driving

Describe Yourself: Auto Enthusiast

So what if it’s made in Austrailia? It’s an American company and they’re finally back to making a great rear-drive sedan. Besides, enough demand will change that and put a U.S. factory or two back to work. The balance and refinement of this car are every bit a match for BMW’s 5 series for tens of thousands less. The LS3/six-speed manual GXP version next year will be an excellent alternative to the snobbish M5 with its ridiculous I-drive and late un-lamented sequential shifter. The 2009 El Camino-style G8 sport truck and potential sport wagon will round out and re-establish Pontiac as the General’s performance division. If folks can adjust to $4 gas without knee-jerking their way into another 70’s-style deification of 50 horsepower crackerboxes, they can live large without paying German prices.




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