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Eureka! The Secret to Buying New Cars for Mere Pennies on the Dollar!

I think I have as good a sense of humor as the next car seller. Hopefully it shows in this blog. But people! … enough with the ridiculous offers! Especially when you don’t think you’re being funny, just a good shopper. You’re not. Low-ball offers really gained momentum when that Midwestern Dodge dealer hit the national … Continue reading

Where the Rubber Meets the Road … or, How Come Trojan Doesn’t Make Tires?

If they did, I’d buy them. Whether it’s tires for your car or … well, you know … freshness counts. Prophylactics have a “use by” date. Tires should too. Fortunately, there is a way to know if the rubber that you’re trusting with your life is going to hold together and not fail at an inopportune … Continue reading

Radical Surgery

Can the U.S. automakers fail? No. Too expensive socially, economically and environmentally to allow. Your government agrees and is in the process of bestowing so-called bailout money on GM and Chrysler. So, what must the big three accomplish next to survive? Technological leadership, retail consolidation and the scariest prospect of all … regaining consumer confidence. Let’s for … Continue reading

Neither Sammy Hagar nor I can drive 55

Whenever the issue of the need to conserve fossil fuels comes to the forefront as it has during the recent run-up of gasoline prices, lawmakers, conservationists and even those concerned about national security hoist the national 55 mph speed limit flag to see who might salute.  Not me, brother. As green as I may like … Continue reading

How Your Next Vehicle Purchase Will Affect This Country’s Future

Toyota and the rest may have factories here and employ people who live in the U.S.. but the corporate profits go elsewhere. GM and Ford build equal or better quality (according to JD Powers) vehicles that get equal or better fuel economy (according to the EPA) than foreign makes. Those who scold “Detroit” show a … Continue reading

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Says Road and Track magazine online, “You can have good fuel economy and performance.” “The familiar headlines blare about the pain at the pump, but before putting on a hair shirt and ordering up an anemic econobox as atonement, a look through our road test data confirms what we’ve intuitively felt all along — high … Continue reading

Cheapest Gas and How to Find It

I’ve seen several TV news features lately on gas price updates.  The point is usually how unreliable gas price websites are.  Well, that’s usually a function of how accurately prices are reported to the sites that disseminate the info … In other words, “garbage in, garbage out.”  Several sources credit GasBuddy.com with being the most … Continue reading

My Review of Pontiac G8

Originally submitted at Autoweek.com Vehicles Pontiac brings rear-wheel-drive muscle to its portfolio in 2008, again courtesy of Holden.. AutoWeek is always quick to tell you what we think about cars like the Pontiac G8. Drop in and tell us what you think about this Pontiac product. AutoWeek is the only weekly magazine for car enthusiasts. Aut… Pontiac … Continue reading

My Review of Pontiac Solstice coupe to become production reality

Originally submitted at Autoweek.com When Pontiac showed the Solstice roadster and coupe concepts at the 2002 Detroit auto show, the roadster received the green light and hit the market for the 2006 model year. In contrast, it has taken the production Solstice coupe six years to emerge, finally, at the New York auto show.The 2009 … Continue reading

Alignment and Balance for Dummies … or, How to Be Smarter Than the Average Bear (alignment franchise)

Alignment and wheel balance – misunderstood subjects that can cost you unnecessarily.          Alignment and Balancing are not do-it-yourself jobs.  Even if you’re comfortable doing your own brake jobs, these items require a professional.  To be done on anything more than a trial and error basis, correcting alignment and balance problems require expensive, frequently calibrated equipment.  … Continue reading