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Radio Digest San Diego column 4/29/99

April 29, 1999 Ya gotta admit, Howard is a phenomenon.  What other subject could possibly generate so much response.  Response was very evenly divided … about half pro, half con.  Some examples:             From Leslie Brand, “Howard, please don’t go here.  There is no humor in this. None whatsoever.  Please advise your audience to see … Continue reading

Radio Digest open letter 4/19/99

I’ve always had ambivalent feelings about Howard Stern.  I thought his movie was pretty good … an entertaining stretch of reality.  I think he’s a very intelligent, often witty conversationalist.  I don’t like his taste in humor.  I find his show repetitive and boring most of the time.  What I always found admirable was his … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 4/12/99

April 12. 1999 Stand up comedian Bob Baker is becoming a permanent part of Dave Smiley’s morning show on Mix 95.7.  He’s been more of an invited guest up to now …  How much funnier can one show get?  Dave told listeners to come down to the Mix’s Pacific Highway studios and he’d give them … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 4/1/99

Jacor’s San Diego Mix station (KMSX 95.7) sends its APD and PM driver, Ron “Geronimo” Price to his first full PDship at their latest Mix conversion, the former KEZY, Anaheim.  His first order of business?  … Blow my butt out as morning mouth.   Not that this will in any way affect my sworn duty as a member of … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 3/23/99

3/23/99 ¨      News/Talk KOGO AM600 has named a replacement for Chuck Fritsch.  Jane Morton, who I hired as an intern for B-100 more years ago than either of us would care to admit, is the new morning drive anchor and News Director at KOGO.  Jane has been with the station for 15 months as a reporter and … Continue reading

KUSSing Clear Channel

So Clear Channel San Diego has followed suit with other major radio markets in migrating a heritage AM news operation to FM, but with a local twist.  Here, they’re dumping the country music format of KUSS and simulcasting.  As a market “competitor” … well, theoretically at least … I should be happy that CC is removing … Continue reading