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My Review of Pontiac G8

Originally submitted at Autoweek.com Vehicles Pontiac brings rear-wheel-drive muscle to its portfolio in 2008, again courtesy of Holden.. AutoWeek is always quick to tell you what we think about cars like the Pontiac G8. Drop in and tell us what you think about this Pontiac product. AutoWeek is the only weekly magazine for car enthusiasts. Aut… Pontiac … Continue reading

My Review of Pontiac Solstice coupe to become production reality

Originally submitted at Autoweek.com When Pontiac showed the Solstice roadster and coupe concepts at the 2002 Detroit auto show, the roadster received the green light and hit the market for the 2006 model year. In contrast, it has taken the production Solstice coupe six years to emerge, finally, at the New York auto show.The 2009 … Continue reading

Alignment and Balance for Dummies … or, How to Be Smarter Than the Average Bear (alignment franchise)

Alignment and wheel balance – misunderstood subjects that can cost you unnecessarily.          Alignment and Balancing are not do-it-yourself jobs.  Even if you’re comfortable doing your own brake jobs, these items require a professional.  To be done on anything more than a trial and error basis, correcting alignment and balance problems require expensive, frequently calibrated equipment.  … Continue reading