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Radio Digest San Diego column 7/10/99

July 10, 1999 Gonna beat mah feet in the Hollywood mud – It’s announcements like this that make you think San Diego is just a farm team for LA.  KABC 7 Eyewitness News anchor Harold Green … once KGTV 10’s main anchor and still a San Diego County resident … is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 6/30/99

June 30, 1999 Who was that masked man? … From out of a cave at the foot of Sunset Cliffs, the thundering hoofbeats and a hearty, “Hi-ho Sylvia … away!”  The O.B. Ranger rides again! Yeah baby.  Austin Powers may be the embodiment of the 60’s retro spirit, but who was the keeper of the … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 6/24/99

June 24, 1999 Just call him Rocket Rick … ‘cuz he’ll be blasting out of KOGO AM 600 as soon as possible.  The inside scoop from a reliable former Jacor employee (the best kind) is that evening talker Rick Roberts will be leaving the Clear Channel station, and almost certainly San Diego, when his contract is … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 6/18/99

June 18, 1999 Musica para caballeros gringos – As of this week, Chula Vista based Califormula’s XHKY –FM 99.3 (X-99) goes from Spanish “country music” or Ranchera/Banda, to pretty much the same thing in English. No sooner did we finish getting the history of Country music stations in San Diego straightened out than here comes another … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 6/10/99

June 10, 1999     Home is where you hang your@ – I’m a firm believer that the Internet is already the most important form of communication for the first part of the 21st century.  It’s given me a journalistic outlet I never would have had and probably never would have sought in traditional media.  … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 5/18/99

May 18, 1999 Play Ball! … but not here —That hot rumor about the Padres jumping stations is no longer half baked … it’s out of the oven and on the cooling rack. After 22 years at Midwest Television’s KFMB AM 760, the team is switching … not to XTRA Sports 690, but to fellow Jacor talk station, KOGO AM 600. … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 5/12/99

May 12, 1999 If you blinked, you missed it — About a dozen billboards appeared around town with the words “Sell Your Baby” and nothing else.  Due to complaints, within a day or two, the ads were taken down.  Phoenix based Outdoor Systems, Inc. acknowledged the ads were for 101.5 FM, KGB … though what the … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 4/29/99

April 29, 1999 Ya gotta admit, Howard is a phenomenon.  What other subject could possibly generate so much response.  Response was very evenly divided … about half pro, half con.  Some examples:             From Leslie Brand, “Howard, please don’t go here.  There is no humor in this. None whatsoever.  Please advise your audience to see … Continue reading

Radio Digest open letter 4/19/99

I’ve always had ambivalent feelings about Howard Stern.  I thought his movie was pretty good … an entertaining stretch of reality.  I think he’s a very intelligent, often witty conversationalist.  I don’t like his taste in humor.  I find his show repetitive and boring most of the time.  What I always found admirable was his … Continue reading

Radio Digest San Diego column 4/12/99

April 12. 1999 Stand up comedian Bob Baker is becoming a permanent part of Dave Smiley’s morning show on Mix 95.7.  He’s been more of an invited guest up to now …  How much funnier can one show get?  Dave told listeners to come down to the Mix’s Pacific Highway studios and he’d give them … Continue reading