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How Your Next Vehicle Purchase Will Affect This Country’s Future

Toyota and the rest may have factories here and employ people who live in the U.S.. but the corporate profits go elsewhere. GM and Ford build equal or better quality (according to JD Powers) vehicles that get equal or better fuel economy (according to the EPA) than foreign makes. Those who scold “Detroit” show a lack of knowledge about currently available models and how they spec against comparable “imports”. Are we too full of self-loathing to admit that American companies might make excellent or even better vehicles than the foreign competition? Quit mortgaging the future of your family and your country for a perceived foreign car advantage that disappeared years ago!

Buy American or continue to suffer the consequences of trade-deficit-devalued dollars … the most obvious of which is everyone’s favorite topic of conversation, the high price of gas. If the dollar weren’t such a weakling on the world market right now, our pump prices would be $3.00 instead of $4.00. Allowing the G.W.Bush-whackers to go hat-in-hand to beg the Saudis to increase production/lower their prices “because we’re your pals” isn’t just naive, it’s asinine. Would you lower prices if you were them? Don’t we already do enough to embarrass ourselves with foreign policy?

Make no mistake, we ARE in crisis. And the solution will have to come on many fronts.  But the root of it might not be what you think. Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Seriously, if everything was someone else’s fault then nothing would be anyone’s fault.

For those of us for whom money does not grow on trees or in hedge funds, let “America, Love It or Leave It” be our economic guiding principle. Let trade-induced inflation be someone else’s problem. We do not live in a completely global economy … especially those of us who work for a living.  Quit exporting this country’s wealth and your quality of life!



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